Friday, January 20, 2012

Local Church Leadership

Jesus our Lord and Teacher washes Peter's feet
If you would like to understand the biblical approach to local church leadership, there is an excellent resource that I'd like to recommend.  It's an essay by James W. Garrett, called New Testament Church Leadership in the Local Church.  In this scholarly essay, he covers the following topics:

1. What was the local church government in the New Testament Church?
2. What are the scripturally assigned duties of New Testament Church leaders?
3. What is the governmental style of leaders in the New Testament Church?
4. What are the scriptural qualifications for leadership in a New Testament Church?

James W. Garrett
I have known Jim since the mid-1990's and feel blessed to call him my friend.  He has been to our home church in New Hampshire many times as a guest speaker, and has visited our home, as well.  According to his bio on his Doulos Press website, Jim was born October 5, 1930 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and has provided leadership in the planting of 13 churches in Northeastern Oklahoma.  He is currently an elder of Tulsa Christian Fellowship (TCF) in Oklahoma.  Additionally, he is serving as consultant and mentor to church leaders, and as a guest teacher and speaker in churches and ministry groups. So he has a great deal of practical experience in church leadership, as well as biblical knowledge, giving him excellent qualifications to address such an important topic.  That's why I  personally recommend this essay to you.

After you have read it, I would be very interested in reading your comments back here on this blog.  I'd also like to encourage you to pass this great resource on to your friends and associates as well.

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